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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Whole World to Discover!

Now that my little dear is in Nursery (accompanied by Mom or Dad still as he's not quite 18 months) I have been amazed to see how quickly he learns, and how much he is taking in even when he doesn't seem to be. For instance, he loves "Ring around the Rosy" now. As soon as I sing it he starts spinning around. I guess it's way more fun with a whole bunch of kids than with just Mom. He begs for "Popcorn Popping" too. He used to just make the popcorn pop but now he's picked up on the other movements and is trying to do them too. He's also learned a lot of new sounds effects for toys. Ha ha.
But the craziest part of it all is he's really blossoming socially. He is learning to interact with other kids a lot better, and look forward to it. Last week after one of his friends visited he walked around the house calling her for hours. I'm not kidding. Annie has become a favorite pal of his. I must confess though, I have reason to be concerned.
This week he's also had 3 firsts: "I love you Daddy", "Hug" and "Honey". It's got me worried that his open mouth kisses, agressive hugs, and flirty smiles are not all for Mom and Dad. Is it too young to tell him he can't have a girlfriend until he's 16? I certainly hope not because every time he asks for Annie I am thinking it.

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