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Saturday, July 11, 2009

And the Winner of the Young Women's Plaque Is...

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So I used Random.org to provide me with an unbiased random selection. Of course, with so few entries the chances of winning were high for both people! The random integer was:

The winner was the first commenter: Colleen!

She said: "I think my favorite value is Divine Nature. Knowing that I have a divine nature is linked to my faith, helps me value my individual worth, encourages me to gain knowledge, helps me appreciate my choice and accountability, motivates me to do good works, and gives me a true reason for having integrity and protecting virtue. My daughter will be a YW in 3 years and I hope she will see by that age that she is truly divine and want to have these values in her life."

Congratulations! I will have this on it's way to you shortly. I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it!

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