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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Storing Snippets

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Last year while quickly browsing through my local thrift store I found eight very cute jars. Their shape was just so cute and they were so cheap. I think all of them cost $2. I just knew they'd be perfect for storing little snippets in. You know: those little things for crafting that you want to remember you have.

Unfortunately after a trip to a few grocery stores I had no luck finding lids for the jars. I was very disappointed. But that weekend, while my Dad was visiting, he saw the jars and asked about them. I can't begin to tell you how much my Dad helps me with my projects. He opened the fridge, pulled out some jars and started testing lids. Turns out the lids for my spaghetti sauce and for artichoke hearts were just the right size. I wouldn't have even thought of that!

So I started collecting lids. It took some time, and my Dad even donated a few, but finally I had eight mis-matched lids. It just didn't work for me. Out came the spray paint! I painted them a black metallic. It's amazing how good it turned out.

After the lids were done I quickly cut some vinyl numbers and applied them. I think the final look is fantastic!


Creations by Kara


Kelley said...

I love it! I am so into numbers/ letters right now...this is a great idea.

Suze said...


Thank goodness for your dad, eh?

Brit said...

I have similar jars for my buttons- the lids are just regular silver- I may have to buy some spray paint!

Alicia@Thrifty And Chic Motif said...

Very cute. I used some old spaghetti sauce jars as storage also...although I think it was mainly for food. (I think I blogged about...just not sure when..hmm)

Patti said...

Your jars turned out great...love the numbers. FYI: The jars look like Harry and David's pepper relish jars

all thingz related said...

OOOOOOOOh! These jars are fantastic! Love them!!

Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

So great! I've been recycling old jars, but never thought to paint the lids, I'm going to try now!

Ronnie said...

Brilliant! Cheap! Recycled! And numbers are the bomb lately!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome dad...and what darling jars!!