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Friday, January 2, 2009

My Husband has a Stalker

If you are reading this girl - you are even more of a stalker and a creep than I even thought. I have two words for you: Restraining Order. You started calling him up again before we even started dating and maybe he was nice enough to say hello, but it was so over. He stopped answering your calls. I mean - really when you call your ex and some girl answers his phone and says you have the wrong number do you get the hint? Or when he no longer answers it when you call? Or better yet never calls you back? Then do you get it?
Obviously not - so email is the solution right? He responds in kind that he's getting married, blah, blah, blah. There's a thought that perhaps, for the sake of friendship, it would be worthwhile to respond. After all, he was friends with your brother too. When he voices that thought, your friend emails him saying how upset you are and that he shouldn't get married because he's cheating on his future wife (who was completely aware of the whole situation). What the?! It's so completely obvious that he's moved on and yet I guess that doesn't register and you have "promptings" to email him not once, but twice on his wedding day!
So when your email is blocked by him and the messages are returned that wasn't enough either. I know. E-mails from you from other peoples addresses are still never read. He just deletes them.
By the way - I completely trust my husband - that's not why all contact has ceased. The reason is my husband is scared that you might show up on our doorstep one day still hoping for something. You're completely nuts.
I guess the lack of response is not enough though. Why do you care so much? Especially now that you are married and have a child. At least that what your brother has told him via e-mail. Why was he the one you called while having problems in Denver? Why did you lie to me about who you were on the phone just to speak with him? And now, after 3 years of no response whatsoever - why did you even think he would add you as his friend on Facebook? Certainly not because you think he wants to keep in touch. Haven't you got it by now?

Please stop stalking my husband.

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Brit said...

I laughed when I read this and was enthralled to hear more details last night. If anythng else comes up, I will help you and Natalie fight her off!