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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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So for those of you who didn't know. Seattle had more snow than it's had since 1990 the last few weeks. Church was cancelled 2 weeks in a row, businesses were closed, etc. People were all frustrated by the lack of plows, the fact that our eco-friendly solutiuon to the snow was sanding roads instead of salting, (that and some soy-based product) and that Western Washington was ill-prepared for snow. Well - to all that I say you can always move. This is the coast not some flat prarie, plowing tall hills is a lot more difficult (in some cases impossible) and having a ton of plows sitting around rusting in our frequent rain, waiting for the rare occasions (every few years) they are needed is wasteful. Besides, if you're well prepared at home, what's wrong with a snow day or two? Get out and play in it!

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