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Friday, December 12, 2008

Backtracking on the Privacy...

This site is no longer in use. You can see all this information and new posts at my new blog Maggie Muggins Designs.

OK - so here's my dilemma. I myself am an extremely huge Google Reader fan. It saves me time and energy. SO in order to save YOU my reader some time and energy I've come up with a new and devious plan. I'm keeping the blog public. This means however that I will maintain the same amount of secretism (names, dates, pictures will not be posted). I will, however be creating a private blog in addition to this one on which I will post pictures, more personal stories and what not. When I post on that blog I will also post here with a link to the post.
So to all those wondering why December 1st rolled on by and I've posted since then, that is why. I will invite all those who have sent me contact information (and of course, many of you who haven't) to read the private blog.
There you have it folks. My solution.

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